BA Blog – an introduction

I feel as though I should write a short intro before I go straight in to the first exercise of this course. Open with a quote from a favourite photographer or some great philosopher of social commentary. However, it seems somewhat superfluos to requirements. The aim here is to get down in pixels what is in my head and in my camera. After I have achieved that then maybe the quotes and philosophy can start their entrance.
Anyway, enough preamble and on to the projects, exercises and assignments.


2 thoughts on “BA Blog – an introduction

  1. hi there how cool is that !! you are from singapore ??? I saw picture of marina bay sand and many other reconizable place! I’m curently living in thailand but i’m canadian. I visited singapore many time ! it is one of my favorite place in asia.

    I saw that you are at pretty much the same place than me in the course I’ll be doing assignment 2 this weekend ! I just didn’t update the blog yet :/

    I wish you good luck for the assignment !!


    • Not far away from you then! Thought some of your photos looked like they were from Thailand but thought it might have been a holiday. I’m only up to assignment one so a little way behind you. Enjoy the course!

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