Your own workflow 2

Following on from the first exercise in this series, this one aimed to improve my thoughts by using the previous workflow and adding/subtracting from it to produce a more concise version that would work for this shoot. As I suggested in my previous exercise on this topic, I believed that I could use a standard template for this but modify it to suit my needs for each individual shoot. The theme of this shoot was to be open-ended and unstructured (and yet, of course, needing structure from the workflow) requiring enough time and photos to be taken that I would need to stop and take stock during the shoot whilst needing to edit heavily once back at my computer. I am combining this with an exercise for The Art of Photography: A sequence of composition. The two were very similar and this lent itself perfectly to my needs for this exercise.

My workflow this time looked like this (you can compare it with my first diagram here);-

My Workflow 2

There have been some modifications but, it would be difficult to tell whether they worked until after the shoot. The main things I altered was to put in some sub-headings as reminders. Other than that I needed to make sure that I at least tried to adhere to each section so I knew whether it could stay or whether to get rid of it for next time. On the whole I thought it looked a more rounded version than the first one.

And so to the shoot. I decided to shoot in a market which gave me the unpredictable element. As I was shooting an exercise for another module it gave me a clear use for the workflow. The other exercise gave a me a structure but such were the elements involved I would be getting many photos taken with many false starts and therefore quite a lack of structure. In fact I ended up with over 200 images which would definitely need editing down from many to few.

The main parts of the workflow that helped were not rushing the shoot and repeat until satisfied with the results. I did indeed sit down and delete several photos from the camera and realised that what I thought was my final shot for the exercise was in fact not good enough so went back to reshoot. I think previously I may not have bothered as by this point I was hot and hungry. But it worked and gave me the mental push I needed to repeat it and get the desired results.

The final element of download and edit was very easy and fitted well with the workfklow. This is possibly because I was already (maybe unwittingly) more structured in my approach to this part of the exercise. I am certainly well aware that it is more structured than my haphazard photo shoots were.

My conclusions are about workflow is that it is something for me to work on. I now think there is probably a definitive workflow that can be used although I think I would, at the moment at least, want extra detail in mine to help me along for the specific assignment that is to be undertaken. Certainly this exercise makes me realise how unprepared my shoots normally are which, of course, will cost me time, quality and ultimately money!

You can find the photos from this shoot here on Flickr.


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