Contrasts – Assignment 1 ToAP – notes

On the run up to the first assignment for The Art of Photography, I’m looking around at as many blogs as I can find relating to the first assignment to see what others have been doing. It seems that there is a core of contrasts that are used very frequently. There are also notable absentees from the pairs available to shoot. Currently I’m thinking of including those little used pairs to find out why they have been neglected. Are they too difficult, harder to make work? My initial thought is that that is unlikely as most of these contrasts were/are created more or less equal. People are not imaginative enough? Again, unlikely. Due to the amount of people taking this course and assignment, there are wide gamuts of thought processes going on. They’re certainly not copying each other so what can it be?

My list of ‘least used’ contrasting pairs is this;

Black/White (seems really unlikely but has shown up very little in my searches. Maybe people think it is going to be too clichéd)

It will be interesting to see if I get stuck trying to demonstrate these. I may find out just why they are seldom used in the assignment! Still, better to have tried etc….


4 thoughts on “Contrasts – Assignment 1 ToAP – notes

  1. Hi there !
    I completed my post for my assignment yesterday if you want to look at it! I didn’t choose any particular pairs at the beginning. I just went outside and capture as many images that could fit into these criteria. I try to take at least one for each. Then I had a variety of choice to pick from.
    I’m still waiting on my tutor feedback but it shouldn’t be too long!

    Good luck !!

  2. I must admit I had reservations about doing some of those, mainly because I can only think of the usual cliched images. I am, however, looking to do many/ few or little & black/white myself so hopefully I can get something good out of them. Definitely let us know how you are getting on

    • Hi,
      seems like a few people had reservations about doing some of these contrasts which is what peaked my interest really. I’ll certainly blog whatever I find out! Thanks for the interest.

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