Workflow – Assignment 1 – DPP – notes

I went out this morning with the intention of shooting Masjid Mosque in Kampong Glam as per my previous entry. When I arrived the mosque was empty. Completely devoid of people and more importantly interest (from my perspective). What was more the lighting, which I had recalled as pretty good, was pretty bad and had me shooting at ISO 1600. Not terribly desirable for an assignment piece. So, with no people and no light, I had to cut my losses and think of something else. Fortunately with such an open remit I was able to do this. Had I been contracted to shoot the mosque I would have been struggling. However, I would also have done more research. What time is prayer today? When are the busy times? When do most tourists turn up? When is the best light? So, over a cup of teh tarik, I took time to assess where I could go with this project. The time of day meant that it wasn’t busy with people yet. Too late for breakfast and too early for shopping. However, the architecture is always there and the Arab Quarter always provides a feast for the eyes and lens. Except that after a while it was wasn’t the architecture that was catching my eye. It was the smaller details like shop fronts, tiling and graffiti (which, if it is spontaneous, is quite rare in Singapore). Then, down one particular street I discover that the drain pipes are covered with stickers and adverts. Quite an appealing sight and one that I undertook to shoot. I will only really find out how they look back on the computer but have already had a quick deletion session to get rid of the undesirables. Less work to do when I get home. Fingers crossed for the desired result.



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