Part Two – Elements of Design – TAoP

As the title suggests, this portion of the module will be aimed at looking at the design within photography. As such, as is suggested in the forward to this section, the student may like to work in Black and White to avoid the distraction of colour. This is what I shall do. Although I understand the rudementeries of working in Black and White and some of the arguments and decisions for and against it I have never set out to look at subjects with a view to processing them in Black and White. In my formative years I worked predominantly in Black and White as it was a lot cheaper than colour processing but, since the advent of digital, colour is just right there for you. But there is something I enjoy about the Black and White image, both working with and viewing it. I certainly feel that a Black and White image has to be stronger than a colour image to make an impact (hence the need for strong design), but that used properly it negates the need for colour. Then there is a certain romance that I associate with it. Maybe it brings back memories of my early photographic endeavors and reading matter (most of which was printed in Black and White). Certainly my enjoyment of the history of photography means that there is a predominance of Black and White images in the things I read, both on and off-line (although contemporary photographers that I enjoy also work predominantly in Black and White and so influence my choices). So I feel the need to take the opportunity or excuse to throw myself in to the art form, surround myself with it and see what I get from it.


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