Your camera’s dynamic range

I have to confess to slightly losing the idea of what I was trying to achieve with this exercise. I could not (and still cannot) work out the correlation between being asked (in the exercise) to judge the f-stop for the dynamic range (which is not a problem) and being asked to look at the highlight and shadowed areas for detail in the browser software. In the brief it reads as though these two are inextricably linked to obtaining the camera’s dynamic range but I am afraid I am at a complete loss as to how. I have looked through various (dozens) of websites and OCA blogs where I cannot find any connection via people’s descriptions so either I am being very dim (quite possible) or the exercise has been written quite unclearly. Indeed, unlike most other exercises I have read on the various OCA bloggers sites, this one was blogged hazily even by the most competent students. However, in order to get on with the rest of the course I need to just get this out of the way and move on.

So the photograph below is my test shot and I noted down the areas of extreme brightness and extreme shadow with my camera’s spot meter. They range from 1/6sec (darkest area) – 1/1000 (Brightest area) all readings taken at f/8 with ISO200.

Dynamic range - spot metered

Dynamic range – spot metered

From these readings I judge the dynamic range of my camera to be around 9 stops. I have not looked to see if this rings true with what the official statistics may or may not say about my camera, as the findings are quite subjective. However, this number would seem to be a reasonable reckoning for the age and type of camera that I have.

5 thoughts on “Your camera’s dynamic range

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  2. Thanks for taking the plunge and sharing this exercise. I’ve been unsure about how to go about it and have been putting it off!

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