Assignment Two – People and Place – Research

In researching for assignment number two for People and Place I having reviewing work by Tay Kay Chin, a photographer from Singapore. His work appeals to me as it is quite original and takes street photography in to a new realm, not only with his photography, but also his thinking. The link below I find interesting as he describes what happens when, as a photographer, you get yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was an exceptional circumstance (I assume he is alluding to the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann) to find himself in, but not an unusual reaction (it has happened to me in my home country of the UK as I have referred to in an earlier post). With Western eyes, I can understand the angst of the adults in the vicinity (although I believe it is highly media driven angst). It brings up an interesting point of the cultural difference seen when taking photographs of children. In Asia it is very common to take photographs of children without being chastised or seen as having an agenda (my own children have been photographed innumerable times by complete strangers in many countries) but, in the West it is seen as almost criminal sometimes. On the one hand I feel that that is an overreaction but on the other I feel the Asian approach is a little too open to abuse.

Anyway, that aside, Tay Kay Chin has produced an interesting body of work which I will probably find myself influenced by during this upcoming assignment (indeed, it would be a little difficult not to be having felt the need to note it and blog about it). See the link below to Tay Kay Chin’s description of what happened in Portugal.

WHY I SPOOKED #3 | The Spooks Book.


[ WHY I SPOOKED #2 ] – Tay Kay Chin, 2013


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