Response to tutor – Digital Photographic Practice – Assignment Two

Here is my response to tutor feedback for Assignment Two of Digital Photographic Practice – ‘Seeing Like Your Camera’.

A pleasing report back from my tutor after this assignment which, it has to be said, I had slight reservations about over it’s creative content. However, after reading the report I can see that I was correct in concentrating on the technical aspects over the creative ones. The DPP module is the most technically challenging of the three that I am taking and as such the marking reflects this (the creative part making up only 25% of the final mark).

My tutor was pleased that I had shown a clear understanding of the technical aspects of the assignment and the subjects I chose were good. The backlit series, he felt, had the beginnings of a more creative response and asked me if I could “….push this further“. This is encouraging as it was the series I was most happy with and the one which enabled me to be most creative. Interestingly this was also the series that elicited my most creative writing of the assignment which my tutor also picked up on and encouraged me to keep going with and expand upon (“I intentionally let the light bleed over the bird’s wings to give a sense of freedom, as though it was actually flying in to the sky beyond it. The strong gold of the statue giving the image some ballast and contrast).

As far as my learning log goes, there needs to be more clarity in delineating between modules so that the assessors (and tutors) will be able to pinpoint what the are looking for. I need to clearly label my research throughout the modules and which of the modules it pertains to. I have also changed the style of the blog (as per the suggestion by my tutor) and reduced the level of distraction from the content. It now has a grey background with minimal distractions and hopefully is easier to navigate.

My tutor also recommends I change tack with my reading in light of dealing with the technical aspects well, so I have (at the suggestion of my tutor) bought Ian Jeffrey’s ‘A Short History of Photography’, and shall read it in due course. I enjoy the more historical aspects of photography so I hope this should be an interesting read.

With regards to the next assignment I have been advised to look in to relevant black and white photographers (urban, Asian etc), which are pertinent to me. This will be interesting as there are many unsung Asian photographers and many specialising in black and white. Urban photography is also becoming a favourite subject of mine so this should be a great assignment to research for and produce.

Overall a pleasing end to this project as it was one that was quite challenging and I wasn’t always convinced I was necessarily on the right track.


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