Photographer – Raghu Rai, India

In response to my tutor for DPP asking me to take more of a demonstrative interest in photographers from the region here is another that I find very interesting.
Raghu Rai is one of the few Asians to make the cut for Magnum (I am slowly using this as less of a measure as to how good/worthy a photographer may be) and this interview serves as a jumping off point to explore Raghu Rai’s work further. A photographer happy to live and work in his birth place of India without feeling the need to travel abroad to find the image. India, of course, is a vast country with a massive compass for him to photograph. However, not feeling the need to travel outside this sub-continent is testament to his devotion to his art and his own people. He claims in the interview he doesn’t travel because he is shy but someone with a portfolio the size of his is certainly not missing his shots because of shyness. His photographs are a joy to behold and each tells it’s own story. I find the fact that they are all shot in India a comfort as I it makes it very easy for me to compare and contrast without the need to constantly wonder what country he was in when he made the photograph. I particularly like his black and white ‘street photography’ although the term seems to somehow do it a disservice.

The interview is untaken by Invisible Ph t grapher Asia, an invaluable source of quality information about the state of photography in Asia.

Invisible Interview: Raghu Rai, India – Part 1: Trends & Styles, and News Photography | Invisible Ph t grapher Asia (IPA) | 亞洲隱形攝影師.

© Photograph by Raghu Rai. All Rights Reserved.

© Photograph by Raghu Rai. All Rights Reserved.


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