Concentrating Light

In this exercise I wanted to focus light on one particular area of the scene. I did this in two ways. Firstly using the lighting set up I’d used for the previous exercises, I used a black piece of card to change the way the light falls on the subjects. I held it in front of the lamp to stop the light covering the whole subject. In this case the light was pushed towards the face of the dolls. In particular the yellow doll facing the light. I also used depth of focus to further accentuate where the light was falling.


I also decided to use my on camera flash. In order to focus the light in this instance I made snoot from my Flashbender (a purpose made light modifier). A snoot is a conical shaped piece of material used for shaping and focusing light into one concentrated area. The smaller the hole in the end the less spread and more focus the light becomes. In this extreme case, it gave heavy lighting on the wall and monkeys whilst plunging the background in to darkness. This was done with the flash unit on full power. To change the way it looks I could drop the power or change the angle of attack by moving the flash off-camera and lessen the impact by bouncing the flash off another surface like a reflector.



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