Assignment 3 – Colour – Response to tutor

I was extremely happy with this report and greatly relieved that my tutor enjoyed the playful nature of the milk and food colouring images. Indeed, it is an encouraging sign to not always be quite so ‘serious’ about my desired outcomes and to think more creatively when given the chance.

The ‘found’ images returned to a more traditional ‘self’ but nonetheless were well received. They took a surprisingly long time to find and I was pleased with the outcome. Possibly on reflection the mini-series was not quite as consistent in post-production as it could have been ranging from low to high-contrast images in a series of four.

Again, I was pleasantly pleased that my tutor saw what I was trying to achieve in the grids of oversaturated colours. I was slightly concerned he may take against the mass of almost bleeding colour but fortunately this didn’t come to pass.

My tutor was right in noticing that the final set had some older images in them. Again the intent has shown me up and caught me using an image which wasn’t taken for the purpose of the assignment. The final image is an image I sourced from my library from several years ago and it shows. As he says, it meets the criteria but given the effort put in the rest of the assignment it could be considered as a bit of a let down.

The other main area I took from the feedback was that i needed to look at improving the navigability of the blog which I have duly done and will continue to do, making it more accessible and easier to find specific areas of interest.

Overall a very pleasing report with plenty to build on, not least being more adventurous with my creativity.


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