I needed to produce a magazine cover photograph purely to do with rain. Not as easy as it first appears as the over-riding emotion of the viewer had to be directed at the rain as the subject rather than what is happening in the scene per se. Calling for imagination and rain for this exercise I took the opportunity of a tropical cloud burst to get on to the streets of Siem Reap and take some photographs.

There were several opportunities and I tried a couple of approaches. The first was a an image of a family travelling by moped. With heads covered they are clearly getting wet or trying to avoid doing so. I took it with a slow shutter speed to give a more fluid feel but couldn’t help feeling that the viewer’s attention would be on the humour of the situation rather than the rain. It was also in horizontal format which isn’t exactly usual for a magazine cover.

Moped covers

Moped covers

The second situation was a group of guys playing volleyball in the pouring rain. I took many photographs but couldn’t help but feel that the action of the sport was gaining attention over the rain itself. In the end they stopped playing, for a cigarette break of course and I took the final image below. A muddy field in the background with the ball perched on the puddle’s edge, the drop of rain water punctuates the meaning. The phrase ‘rain stops play’ fits pleasantly with it, even if it isn’t the truth. Sometimes less is more.

Rain stops play

Rain stops play



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