Response to tutor – Assignment 4

The tutor feedback for assignment four was most surprising. I was very happy with his assessment of my assignment and surprised it should be so complimentary. It shows me that I should be a little more confident in my abilities. In similar fashion to assignment three, I decided to use a studio set up, this time to convey form and texture. Given my lack of experience, I went for a one light set up and used fill, reflection and light modification as necessary. I was happy with the results and clearly so was my tutor. The main thing to takeaway from this assignment I think was attention to detail. There was an issue with the second image of ‘form’ which showed the background not being completely black. It is very obvious and as my tutor demonstrates, is very easy to fix. The point is to pick it up in the first place. The second image under scrutiny was number two in the texture section. Again my tutor suggests that the background is not completely black. By eye it looks black but actually running my dropper over the top left side of the image reveals that indeed it is not actually black. A quick use of the curves in the blacks drops the dropper readings to zero. I would suspect my tutor must have used photoshop to determine the background wasn’t black as it was very close however, his suspicions were aroused by the first more obvious transgression.

The main feedback I need to take on board is actually surrounding my research or rather the lack of it (shown on my blog). I need to make more effort to type up what I am reading and researching and present as evidence of working around the subject.

The other area is concerning the ease with which my blog can be navigated. I thought I had sorted this out the last time it arose but it is clearly still not easy for a third party to get round. I have already started taking steps to rectify this but providing much clearer areas of delineation for my different modules, exercises, assignments and research. They are now (or will be soon) available directly from the drop down menus in my tabs from the home page.

My tutors full feedback can be found here in a PDF.


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