Approach to shooting – TAoP – Assignment 5

Narrative – Although there is a very clear linear order for the process, do I need to show it in the ‘correct order’? Do I need every part of the process covered by an image? What order will benefit the story-telling and therefore the audience best? What size and order will they be on the page (juxtaposing to tell the story etc)? This would be something to work out in the edit process, already knowing what my shot list would be. I needed to show the people, the conditions they were working in as well as, of course, the product. I wanted the look of the subjects to be natural without any looking in to camera. This I guessed would take a little while, both for me to get used to the environment (alien to me) and for them to get used to me in their home and workplace.

Technique – This would form part of the narrative and I decided I would use wide angle and 50mm lenses as much as possible. The wide angle would let me be in the same space as my subject matter, creating a personal connection for the viewer. The 50mm would give a documental  style with added control over the bokeh.

Intent – What approach would I take to my subject matter i.e. the people, the place and the objects within? Would I turn the situation in to something it wasn’t to give greater sensation or would I let it play out in front of me without overtly trying to control it?

Light – From photographs I had already seen, I expected the majority of the action to take place in the shade under simple shelters. This would provide quite low light to work in so I would need to be careful about showing the great colours that were on show rather than just getting under-exposed shots that didn’t show them off. I also wanted, though, to show if they were working in conditions which gave extreme changes of light i.e. from bright sunlight to fluorescently lit rooms.

Colour – There would be clear opportunity to show the colours of the batik. Indeed the colour is integral to the design. This would be organic I felt although, as per my comment above, I would need to ensure the light was good to show the colours off. Alternatively if the light wasn’t good I could tell a different story using muted colour instead. Possibly a combination of both.

Audience – My target audience would be twofold; the kind of people who buy this product when they are holidaying, but no idea how it is made; people who travel and have an innate interest in this sort of thing and may want to explore it further.

Presentation style – I would envisage the style to be something along the lines of National Geographic or a travel magazine. As I am not an editor, I would give a rough idea of the layout style via simple design software including some text.

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