Assignment 5 – TAoP – Illustration and Narrative

In the final assignment of this module I was to imagine that I am illustrating a story for a magazine. I could use up to 12 images including one for the front page to illustrate the story that is about to be told. The rest would be used to narrate the story inside the magazine. While text was not necessary, I would need to at least caption the images to explain and link each photograph. I will be looking to use the techniques that I have learned not just in this project but also over the course of the module as a whole and incorporate some of them in to this final assignment.

I have already written about what I wanted to achieve and the aims I have set out in previous posts, a list of which can be found here.

My assignment and layout is in PDF format with the original images below. I will annotate each image to describe what I was trying to achieve with it within the layout. I will reflect on this assignment in a subsequent post.


Front page. I wanted a fairly straight shot with a ‘blank’ line to put my front page text in that also illustrated what I was about to show the viewer in some way. As the boys were laying out the batik in the sun a suitable gap presented itself.


I wanted a suitably candid yet respectful and thoughtful portrait for the owner of the factory. I have used a wide open aperture to accentuate the bokeh and focus solely on the eyes. The shot was taken in heavy shade with the light flooding in from the side, softening the shadow on the face.


I liked the way the blue in the first image played off against the blue in this one. As the waxing was the first ‘activity’ in the process it slotted in well. The concentration on the face against the playful pigs on the template. Also in the background more templates giving some place to the image. I made it noticeably smaller on then page so I didn’t detract from the owner’s image.


Here I wanted to start showing the working environment and give some scale by giving a wider view of the factory.


More detail to follow in on the previous image. The vivid green helps to give the two images continuity for the viewer. I also needed to show the cotton buds in use. There are a few beads of sweat on the brow. The size is small and cropped in the layout as the close up reveals more to the eye even when small.


The wide angle and elevated view enabled me to show both environment and the main players. I also like the interaction they were clearly having with each other.


The soft features of the young woman, softened further by the water, reflected in the harsh drum of chemicals giving a great juxtaposition which was too good not to take.


I was hoping to achieve an all encompassing image illustrating the steam, heat, fire, green water and discomfort caused by working in these conditions. The rubber glove shows the toxic nature of the fluid they are working in. Again, something of a juxtaposition between the fire licking it’s way up the tarred barrel and the fetid water falling from the sheets.


Simple slow shutter speed to give the impression of movement. I was keen to get the bulk of colour in the light with the right side of the image starting to recede in to the dark. This image is heavily cropped in the final version to allow it and the colours to fill the page.


Probably the longest lens of the feature used to compress the sheets to give the impression of the pattern of colour and fabric everywhere. Luckily the boy had put on his T-shirt to cover up against the sun. It works well with the other colours on offer and starts to camouflage him. I have used a small aperture to try and get all the detail from the depth of sheets. This image is slightly cropped in the article to avoid showing the basket which is encroaching on the scene.


Another wide aperture to concentrate on the cotton reels. The bright back light was just picking out the blue cotton as they spun off the reels. I was careful to use the dark background to contrast the light blue strands against.


I led on the ground to get a bottom to top view of the woman tying the bundles with the tags. Behind are the sewing machines from the previous image also pulled in to the view by the camera angle. Luckily the light was falling on the foremost bundle as she pushed it forward. This was planned as the final shot in the series.


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