The Brief – Outline – Assignment Five

My final assignment in Digital Photographic Practice required a personal project. To start this process I needed to work up a brief to outline what I hoped to achieve.
Before deciding on subject matter, I decided I needed to cover the issues that arose during the first four parts of the module. I would work on the areas that were commented on by my tutor after the assignments and try to improve or change the way I did them. This may or may not work but would show a willingness to change my thinking and working based on feedback.
So, the brief would be as follows;
  • Workflow
    • This would not change much during the assignment as it has already had a major overhaul since I started the course due to my now working status. Making photographs for money has a tendency to focus the need for good workflow and work practice regarding the images.
    • It is a process still in flux as new ways of doing things become apparent. It is, though, currently in a place which enables me to be confident I am working with everything backed-up and a workflow that gets me to work at my maximum pace with best results.
  • Seeing like my camera
    • I need to challenge the viewer with something unexpected.
    • Be more creative in my approach, freer with my expression of the camera
  • Monochrome
    • Again, I need to be more creative in my approach to the subject that I decide to explore.
    • It has been established that I am technically competent with monochrome, but I need more from it.
    • Also noted in the feedback from this part was the need to spend longer shooting for an assignment.
  • Real or fake
    • Given my personal ambiguity between when manipulation is acceptable or not I decided that the subject matter would be photographed and edited as far as possible without manipulation. This would be interesting as I would be shooting specifically for monochrome to cover Part 4’s area.

On top of this I wanted to include other areas;

  • Consistency of style
  • Telling the story
  • Consistency in black and white post production
Originally I had considered going back through my previous work in the module to see how I would get something more from it however, looking back at it and seeing the changes that have occurred through the module, it was a non-starter. The encouraging thing is that I can actually see differences in my work and feel it has changed quite drastically from the start of the course.
After recent events in SIngapore I have decided on the subject for my personal project, please see the updated brief here.

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