Response to tutor – Assignment Five

I was very happy with the report on my final assignment for The Art of Photography. There are a few minor issues which I have approached and changed in the final PDF download and will insert the relevant images on this post.

The front page which I was happy with caused some concern with my tutor as he suggested it was out of keeping with the proceeding series. He recommended I change it for a different image, one with some human interest in it such as someone peaking from behind the batiks.


I understood what he meant but was reluctant to show too much at such an early stage. I wanted an image which was a more subtle and that would lead the viewer in to the article. Instead, after a brief email exchange, I selected something I was happier with. I have also changed the type face to something more flowing instead of American Typewriter.


Image 4 – I have tried cropping this to avoid the horizontal bar but I don’t like the resulting composition. I did actually mean to include this bar as part of the landscape with the batik acting as an accent. The boy who is painting becomes too large in the scene and I enjoyed him being more removed, slightly lonely in the workshop. But I can see how it could be a disruption to the scene.



Image 8’s HDR effect was a case of me trying to pull down the highlights and pull out the shadow which I did to such an extent that it ended up looking more like HDR. Indeed it looks out of place in the series. This has now been smoothed out to give a less dynamic looking finish.

Dynamic range reduced

Dynamic range reduced

At first I disagreed with the verdict on image no.11, but realised that actually in the context of the PDF I produced the cropping would make more sense. In the book the machine arm touches the top of the frame which is slightly uncomfortable. As a standalone image I like the framing it gives the work being done and also gives slightly more context. This was also the image my tutor queried as being out of order but chronologically it was in the correct place and was the penultimate part of the process before packing began.

Cropped version

Cropped version

As I said, this report was very well received (most of the changes being aesthetic in nature), and I’m very glad that the progress can be seen by my tutor through the module. I have certainly seen a large change in not just the quality of my photographs but also, if not more-so, in my approach to photography as a whole.


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