User experience

In doing some research for Assignment 3, I came across some memes doing the rounds on social media that seemed potentially influential to my path of thinking. They represented quite cleverly the relationship between design and user experience in everyday life.

Design vs user experience

Design vs user experience

Clearly the same can be extrapolated from architecture and design versus user experience. Architects have the vision but the end user has the experience. A place I once worked was a beautifully designed 6 story open plan office space. It was opened in 2004 with provision for large scale meetings on the ground floor. The rest of the space was used for office space. By the time I left in 2007 the upper floors had been variously butchered/adapted to make space for a gym, a larger meeting space/auditorium to seat 500, a social area and other smaller ‘retro-fits’. It rendered the building very different in only three years from the way it opened to the way it became. This was all pushed by user experience. It will be interesting to see if I can spot this influence in the buildings I decide to photograph.


NB due to the viral nature of this meme I have been unable to attribute the source.

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