A single figure small

As the text suggests, this photograph could be a long time in the making unless I was keeping my eyes open for it. I needed to find situation whereby I could photograph a single person in isolation at a distance that gave them anonymity and also explained the scale of the place that I was shooting in. As it happens I made this photo some time ago aware that it would be needed for this exercise.


I had already noticed how this sprawling new mall was fairly under-occupied by clientele and the dynamism of the structure was asking for black and white photography. The stark contrast between the giant pillars and the dark, shadowed escalator provided the set up. I now just needed a singular person to come in to frame. This photograph was taken at around 530pm on a weekday. One might have expected the mall to be busier than it was but such are the vast amount of cathedral-like malls (ironically this mall also houses a huge church) spread throughout Singapore, it is not unusual for them to be virtually empty. So finding the singular figure was not likely to be a stretch. Compositionally, I have tilted the camera to line up the right hand pillar vertically which in turn gives all the other lines in the image even more dynamism. I placed the figure to the left of the frame indicating the direction of travel. The brightness of the pillars is almost overwhelming but the light colour of the dress set against the dark escalators eventually pulls my eye in towards it which is what I was hoping for. I find myself searching somewhat for the figure as though I can’t see the wood for the trees. She’s in their, but each time I look my eyes don’t alight immediately on her, even though I know exactly where she is.


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