A Matter of Balance

The aim here was to make two separate photographs using a similar viewpoint but weighting the two final images differently with regards to the people appearing within them. In the end I opted for a basic technique of using different lens lengths to change the emphasis placed on the people in the images. The first is a photo of a woman on a swing.


I have used a long lens and zoomed in to isolate her. She is on a swing with a lush, green background, shopping bag by her side and headphones in her ear/s (on the phone or listening to music? I suspect the former). Maybe taking a break from shopping or more likely a break from work.

For the corresponding image I stayed where I was and used a wide angle to convey a different story.


We can still see the woman on the swing, but only barely. I have intentionally waited until she is at the same angle as the previous shot for continuity. She is a small figure in red but without the detail of the previous image it is impossible to tell what she is doing (or even if it is a ‘she’). As I open out the scene we can see we are in a town park and that I am, in fact, also on a swing. People are both in transit and taking a break. Maybe lunchtime? Am man in pink sits in the shade with what looks like a spread of food in front of him. People stroll through the park on a path further in the distance. Another is leaning against the wall watching the world go by (or maybe he’s just tired). Two more sit on a bench far right. As I write, I find myself wanting to take a closer look at these characters. I can see them but they are tantalisingly out of reach, drawing me in.


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