Busy Traffic

Another exercise, another shopping mall; Singapore certainly has no lack of these retail behemoths. In contrast to exercise one of this part of the module, this mall is always busy and is the largest in Singapore. It encompasses shops, cinemas, restaurants and bars, sits atop a busy MRT station, is part of a busy ferry terminal and is in close proximity to expat condos. It is a veritable beacon, attracting shoppers from all over the country. A large footfall here is a given so it would make sense to use this as my muse. The area I chose is near the numerous eateries that are available which ensured a good flow of traffic. The technique I decided on was somewhat old school but I thought it would make for a nice confusing composition showing the rush of bodies on the escalators (something else Singapore specialises in as a labour saving device). The idea was to use a slow shutter speed to create movement and show the general mayhem that ensues on a normal Saturday of shopping. I started in one spot waiting for the ebb and flow of people. It worked somewhat, but ultimately I found it a bit flat, lacking in dynamism (see below).


1.6 secs, f/11, 100 ISO

I moved spaces. The next I found had many more people coming and going and the light was mixed between artificial and natural. This time, as well as setting a slow shutter speed, I went old school and zoomed out of the scene during the one second shutter release. I had a few attempts at trying to capture the feel of the situation. People rushing from one level to another, one shop to another, desperately late for nothing at all.


1 sec, f/13, ISO 200

The lack of tripod plays in to the sense of disorientation and the zoom and clear movement of my camera during the exposure gives a sense almost of double exposure within the shot. There is a lack of anchor point for the eye to settle on which makes the image more difficult to read than if I had used a tripod which would have given me clean lines and less dynamism. I like the natural light at the top of the escalators giving the people a chance to escape, a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.



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