Selective Processing and Prominence

This exercise was something of a challenge as I found a lot of my previous exercise images were going to be very difficult to re-process to give my people more or less prominence within them. When I edit in the first instance I choose the images which lend themselves to the task. This means they will already have the light, composition, prominence  etc so I need to do minimal post-processing. I have many other images which I could easily do this exercise with however, invariably they weren’t chosen for the task specifically because it was not required in that exercise. So something of an odd exercise this one, meaning that I have had to chose an image I was happy enough to put in to an exercise or in this case an assignment and re-edit it.

So here is the original image as per my assignment post.

Gary portraits5

My attempts at making the main figure less prominent involved some burning and dodging to reduce the prominence of my main subject. I have left much of the image more shaded with the lower left being slightly dodged draw attention away from the subject. I have burned the face and shirt slightly and reduced contrast in the same area. This has the effect of  drawing the eye more towards the luminous graffiti on the shutter.


The last image which should bring the subject to more prominence is below.


I have reduced the saturation and contrast of the graffiti and put the light back on the subject’s face. I have also increased the saturation and clarity in the shirt in an attempt to bring it away from the background. I still think it is lacking in the depth to really achieve this. Possibly the legs need a little more light on them to look natural.

Overall I prefer the image in which the subject is starting to disappear in to the shadows.


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