Part 3 – Processing the Image

Part 3 – Processing the Image

Managing Tone
Managing Colour
Interpretative Processing
Black and White
Strength of Interpretation
Colours in to tones 1
Colours in to tones 2

Raghu Rai – Photographer
Ming Thein – Photographer

Assignment Three
Bill Brandt – Monochrome Master
Assignment Three – Monochrome
Assignment 3 – Southend-on-Sea – A review

Texts and resources
Bill Brandt – Shadow and Light, Susan Hermanson Meister (2013)
Capturing Light, Michael Freeman (2013)
100 ideas that changed photography, Mary Warner Marien (2012)
Sleeping with Ghosts (A life’s work in photography), Don McCullin (1994)
Terra (Struggle of the landless), Sebastiåo Salgado (1997)
American Photographers of the Depression, Pantheon Photo Library (1985)