Part 3 – Colour


Control the strength of a colour

Primary and secondary colours

Colour relationships – part 1

Colour relationships – part 2

Colours into tones in black-and-white


Letinsky, Fischili and Weiss

Exhibition – Edward Burtynsky

Exhibition – National Geographic in Singapore

Reference books used through this project

Colour – Freeman, Michael (2005)
The Photograph as Contemporary Art – Cotton, Charlotte (2009)
The Photographer’s Eye – Freeman, Michael (2007)
Peter Fischli David Weiss – Sontgen, Fleck and Danto (2005)
Colour: Art & Science – Lamb and Bourriau (1995)
Design Elements: Color Fundamentals – Aaris Sherin (2012)
Pantone Guide to Color – Leatrice Eiseman (2000)


Thoughts and research – 1

Thoughts and research – 2

Thoughts and research – 3

Assignment three – Colour

Hi-res files

Tutor’s report

Response to tutor


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