Part 4 – Light


Measuring exposure

Higher and lower sensitivity

Judging colour temperature 1

Judging colour temperature 2

Light through the day

Variety with a low sun

Cloudy weather and rain

Tungsten and fluorescent lighting

Outdoors at night

Softening the light

The lighting angle

Contrast and shadow fill

Concentrating light


A Snicket – Bill Brandt

Photography Films

Books studied

Hunter, Fil et al, (2009). Light: Science and Magic. An Introduction to Photographic Lighting, Focal Press
Michael Freeman, (2013). Capturing Light, The Heart of Photography, Ilex
Prakel, D. (2007). Basics Photography: lighting, Laussane: AVA Publishing
Steve McCurry, (2013). Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs, Phaidon

Assignment four

Assignment four – Applying lighting techniques

Hi-res files

Tutor’s report

Response to tutor


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