Part 5 – Narrative and Illustration

A Narrative Picture Essay
Evidence of Action

Assignment 5 – Illustration and Narrative

Hi-res files
Reflection on Assignment
Tutor’s report
Response to tutor

Research and ideas for assignment five
Assignment 5 – TAoP – Thoughts and Ideas
Bali planning – TAoP – Assignment 5
Approach to shooting – TAoP – Assignment 5

Relevant posts and reviews
McCurry, Salgado et al
Magnum Photography Workshop – in Review
Studium and Punctum – Roland Barthes
Photography Films

Michael Freeman – The Photographer’s Eye (2007)
Roland Barthes – Camera Lucida (1980)
Maria Short – Context and Narrative (2011)
Roswell Angier – Train Your Gaze (2007)
Susan Sontag – On Photography (1977)
Steve McCurry – Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs (2013)
Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs (2012)
Sebastiāo Salgado – Genesis (2013)



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